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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 30, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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keeps talking about, we are going to be poorer and we're not going to have a better vironment. >> sean: we will continue to follow these important stories that is all the time we have tonight. ass.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s. have a good night. >> live and at large i am geraldo rivera. this is a fox news alert. hurricane earl is less than 150 miles from making land fall in the lee ward island. the category 1 storm is expected to sweep over the vacation favorites like saint martins before hitting the virgin islands and puerto rico with a great big wet one tomorrow. torrential rains are expected amounting to 4-6 inches. the fear is they could cause life threatening flash floods and mud slides before this storm heads off to the mid atlantic or new england coast later in the week. the weather team will continue to monitor the storm because it
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is expected to strengthen into a major cat 3 system by monday. some of you may know i own a tin see little island southeast corner of puerto rico at the base of the storm coming from the east. it has a little teeny house on it. i am praying the storm blows off into the ocean. say a little prayer for us. this is another fox news alert. the president is back in the white house tonight after joining residents of new orleans as they mark the 5th anniversary of hurricane katrina the natural and man-made disasters the president will say that ended with a historic city destroyed over 1800 people dead, 90 billion in damage and faith in government severely shaken. >> it was a natural disaster but also a man-made catastrophe.
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a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men and women and children abandoned and alone. >> even as he doubt touted his administrations accomplishments he could not resist not no subtle dig at the bundled efforts after the storm. >> together we are help to go make new orleans a place that stands for what we can do in america. not just for what we can't do. ultimately that must be the legacy of katrina. not one of neglect but of action not one of indifference but of empathy. not of abandons but community working together to meet a shared challenge. >> before which talk live to michael brown the doomed fema director who in retrospect unfairly bore the brunt of blame for everything that happened
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local state and federal i want to say something about fox news. we get routinely criticized main stream media for being partisan which is bogus when it comes to the coverage. here's the proof. the bush administration was already under heavy attack when chef smith and i broadcast live from new orleans. friday night 5, 6 days after the storm hit ee moigss sky high long promised help nowhere in sight and people down there were desperate. look at this little baby. there's so many babies. how old is this baby? >> 15 months. >> i got a baby. you know i have a baby. there were so many baby sz here. it is not -- you know, it's not a question about -- it's a question of reality. how do you -- i don't know, man. let them walk out of here.
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let them walk the hell out of here. let them get on the interstate and walk out, walk some place walk to the wal-mart on the other side of the river. walk to some other town. walk some place where you can help them. all you have is thousands of people who have desperate needs 6 days later. they are in the same clothes. where do you think they are going to the bathroom? they don't wash their hands or face. these babies. what the hell. >> they won't let them walk out of there because i am standing right above the convention center. they have locked them in there. the government said you go here and you get help. you go in the superdome and you get help. they got locked in there they watched people killed around them and watched people starving and watched elderly people not get any medicine. we have been telling them repeatedly over and over every day you know what they are doing now. i am not blaming any one i am telling you what happened. they have set up a checkpoint
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this is the bridge that takes you from new orleans, from new orleans parish toever son parish. it -- to jefferson pe parish. any one who walks up out of that city now is turned around. you are not allowed to go from in new orleans louisiana. over there there's electricity and food and water. the government will not allow you to do it. >> i want to get perspective. >> that is all the perspective you need. >> sean, take a look. take a look. i want everyone in the world to see 6 days after katrina intept through the city. this baby. how old is this baby? >> 10 months old. >> look in the face of the baby. this is it. no sugar coating, no political
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spin, no republicans with democrats. people suffering. let them go. let them out of here. let them go. let them walk over this dam interstate and let them out of here. >> the very next day like angels military helicopters filled the sky the over the convention center and the long-awaited rescue finally began. when the dust settled it became clear it wasn't just federal authorities, in this case it wasn't federal authorities who kept the desperate people trapped in fit, neglect they were guilty of promising help long before it arrived. but it was local cops on both sides of the mississippi who kept those people trapped. in one notorious incident they shot and killed a 17-year-old. they shot and killed a mentally disabled man trying to walk to safety. five of 13 cops indicted have pled guilty to coverup the other charged with capital murder. now to the man who are ever known as brown knee and fema
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director michael brown i will call you michael not brown knee. you did over promise you did under deliver. i know there is plenty of blame but you do cop to that, don't you? >> absoluabsolutely, geraldo. one of the most frustrating things watching that is behind the scenes i am literally screaming at taf staff and othe. i told him new orleans is 80 percent under water which is that was a lowest mat. oy need to have the military take over all logistics. >> you told the president you wanted the military to take over for fema? you sure you said that? >> oh, yes. you can see the mission assignment we executed giving that authority to dod. on friday i am screaming and sending e-mails back to my staff saying where is the army? they still haven't shown up.
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do you know five years later i finally discovered what's going on. i discover it through vanity fair a story about secretary rumsfeld. there was a big debate going on back at dc about how much the military should be involved. i want to scream about this stuff. >> the military saved all of your asses. i saw the 82nd airborne there and lieutenant russell onre take over command. let me it will you the story the next day when the receipts cue was taking place the fema vehicles showed up guys got out the feep fema police brand new shirts. they are evacuating the long suffering residents of new orleans your guys came up to me and said where is the superdosu? turn around it's right behind you.
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i don't know if it was a political agency or it was back then or whatever happened to it now. you could have sent the boy scouts they would have done a better job of the fema people on the ground there. i respect people who put their tushes on the line. >> i get that geraldo. it's difficult to say now but it's the truth. i warned secretary ridge and -- >> you are doing a lot of warning here. what were you doing? >> screaming, doing everything i can pushing the buttons telling them to break the rules. i have been doing lots of interviews looking goods on tv. >> you have to do that because you have to go through the briefings. but behind the scenes you are screaming and hollering, mofr the stuff. why isn't it happening? you are hollering at everybody. the most frustrating thing to me personally every button i push to make things happen it didn't
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happen. >> let me give a different point of view. he is a radio talk show host in denver. the former director, do yyou he dr. brown days? >> i wasn't in public office at the time i was with our n new orleans strength. it was lard hard to believe in our country in the united states this could be happening in a city that i love, the loss of life, misery 1800 plus people dying. i remember it but it was government at all levels. >> the cleave of police back then that guy a lucky.
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in the same they did bo wroer t anybody. the bond between it goes back twenty-some years maybe the strongest. when they weren't the sup peel. supportive. the support if a the thans show it's a great story. >> i am out of town. coming back with the packed edition of the programs. it's one of the biggest jokes in the 30s. we killed 31 dad bys when which are not. as the president joins the as the president joins the debamy nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip.
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>> with all of the soul fearing retrospectives on tv tonight and previous days we want to concentrate on what has been going right down and around the big easy and nothing exemplifies the positive than the gigantic even herculean efforts of the army corps of engineers to put a circle of steel and concrete around new orleans that can defy even a 100 year storm. sue oo if there's ever an example of going from tragedy to triumph it would be here the west closure complex it's a giant dam essentially which is going to help protect the new orleans district from flooding. flooding that occurred during hurricane katrina. i am with colonel ed fleming the manneder for the army corps of engineers. describe how important this area
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is>> mond oo. >> monumental heartache and damage of hurricane cat 14 gnaw challenged core engineers to come up with a plan to protect the city. >> the goal to rebuild and repair 350 miles of levees, comp stations and flood gates by next summer. >> right now we are working on about $14.6 billion worth of work to help reduce the risk to the people in the greater new orleans area. this is although it's a big piece, it's just one piece of it. >> new orleans area had a levy system in existence before katrina struck. why didn't it work? >> there are a lot of reasons why. one of the primary things is that it was a system in name only. there were some levees that weren't at the correct height. there were some gaps in the system. >> the army corps took a lot of
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criticism after hurricane katrina struck all of the flooding and destruction that occurred. why wasn't that system prepared at that time five years ago? >> one of the challenges we have is when we go through a funding process we are funding on an annual basis. we do what work we can do with the money we receive. >> the nation decided this was so critical we were appropriated $14.6 billion to build this project. we are taking this from beginning to end fully funded up front. >> nearly a million dollars went into the west closure complex alone located south of the city is it will house a mass i have gate and keep killer storm surgeries from entering the city from the gulf of mexico. >> it would be 225 foot gate. kinds of like abutter fly gate that will allow the barge traffic to come through. in most cases it will be open. when hurricane is coming we close the gate that will stop the storm surge. >> a pumping station could evacuate enormous volumes of water. it is below sea level.
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>> from this con treat wall down the 12 da bays are the system. they are the largest and will evacuate the eye kwifrl length of one olympic sized pool. >> it will provide much needed peace of mind to the residents of the big easy. >> for our folks it's not just professional it's also personal. we had so many folks from new orleans district who lost everything. >> do you feel now once this is completed that people who live there will be protected? >> there is no doubt that we are safer than we were when return katrina hit. >> the kourm says while the lever sris are much saver than they were before residents in this area need to listen to local officials if there is a
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hurricane warning they need to heed those warnings and get out of town. they shouldn't have any kind of false comply san see because of the levy system. >> back to you. >> people did not heed it. coming up it's the day after. how did beck do the big at large review of his historic pow wow in washington after this.
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>> i got to tell you the blog traffic right now is a beck palin national ticket in 2012. not a chance. i don't know what sara is doing. i hope to be on vacation. i have no desire to be president
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of the united states. zero desire. i don't think i would be electable? aged there are far too many people smarter than me to be president. i would like to find one with honor and integrity. i haven't seen them yet but they will show up. >> there's no denying his triumph after freaking out everyone with his bold some say awed dish shoes some say insensitive scheduling of his restoring honor rally on the steps of the lincoln memorial on the exact anniversary of mlk's historic i have a dream speech. he is basking in his extraordinary success. he pulled it off flawlessly. hit ago tone that if anything was moderate in the extreme as with any event that brought attention to the architect it brought attention to chris wallace this morning. >> do you regret having called
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him a racist and saying he had a deep seated hatred to white people. >> of course i do. i want to amend that i think it is much more of a theological question that he is a guy who understands the world through liberation theology and victim. racist first of all it shouldn't be said. it was poorly said. i have a big fat mouth sometimes i say things that's just not the way people behave. it was not accurate. >> not accurate. democratic strategist. you first. that good enough for you? oo i think it was a successful day for beck
1:25 am
yesterday. i think it was good he made the apology. >> he was civil. just give him credit. >> i am conceding the point. >> i think to say that -- i think it was a little bit of a wes ellish cop out to say he was speaking, criticizing the president for liberation theology. they don't expect what the liberation theology is. it is mostly a liberation theology that would over throw governments to suggest the most powerful man of the free world is guided by that i think it raises the question of whether mr. beck understands what liberation theology is. he represents the important part of the electorate. they will be by historic standards a successful movement because for the most part this
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is a largely incoherent movement. >> it is huge. chris wallace did an excellent interview. they asked the question do you regret it? yes i regret it asked and answered. he did a very good job and he got to see exactly who he was. i totally disagree. >> so we know when noel says neither palin, julianne nor beck will run in 2012 what do you say? >> i say when he ran for governorship she was a lot smarter than believed and he would give him credit for it. she is raising a lot of money writing books. the last thing he wants to do is step back. >> let the record show on that one noel and julianne will be with us the rest of the hour
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from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. hurricane earl gaining strength in the northern caribbean. now, a category two storm with winds reaching 100 miles an hour. puerto rico and several islands now under hurricane watches around warnings. forecasters say earl could strengthen that a major hurricane as soon as monday and brush parts of the u.s. east coast toward the end of the week. and a gunman in arizona allegedly killing five people before taking his own life. police say 26-year-old brian diez entered a havasu city home and then fled with the children to his relatives home in california.
1:31 am
he was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the four-year-old and one-year-old children escaped unharmed and are with relatives. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo att large." for all the latest headlinesm. log on to fox >> you are an american born christian. they get increasing and now significant numbers of americans in polls upwards of respond dents are claiming you are neither. this of the people just about believe that you are a muslim. >> it is a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get turned up there constantly. we dealt with this when i was first running for the u.s. senate dealt with it when we were first running for the presidency. i couldn't win as u.s. senator
1:32 am
because i had a funny name yet we ended up winning that senate seat in illinois. i trusted the american people to pass beyond all of this nonsense. i am not going to be worrying too much about whatever rumors are floating out there. i spent all of my time chasing after that i wouldn't get much done. >> what does it say to you? does it say anything about your communications or the effectiveness of your opponents too? >> i would say that i can't spend all of my time with the birth certificate. it's not something i spend all of my time worrying about. >> ramadan is president or
1:33 am
spokesman of the council on american islamic regulations. what's your answer to the question and answer you heard from the president of the united states? >> there is a bunch of has been politicians gingrich, palin, lazio prop began diesing all of the information. they are going to continue to be has beens. >> they are not bl blago crazy people? >> certainly blago's. if they are blago it's it's more insane. >> >> whether that's what's fueling an anti muslim sentiment running through the country. first what's with all of the bad news with afghanistan? sure going over there is tough just like the surge in iraq. now as the president preparies o
1:34 am
address the president tuesday night of what we have accomplished in iraq with a surprise suicide attack with one of the bases of afghanistan who better to ask about it than major general commander of the most legal fighting forces ever assembled thecreaming generals. >> i know you are holding one of the suicide vests. why don't you generate what they are intending and what were brilliantly foiled by their force. >> we took off the objective as you can see a little backpack they put it over their heads the explosives over the sides of their bodies it is hme homemade explosives goes inside the vest and they pack it with something like bull bareings something like this right here sticks right into the side has a blasting cap piece on it. sits on it.
1:35 am
they will put it around their head. wear it on both their sides. raise up both their hands. pull the trigger and the explosion goes out trying to kill as many civilian soldiers innocent women and children. they hit both of these simultaneously 4:00 this t owe morning. 31 insurgents that were killed 13 vests recaptured. they were wearing acu's this is an effort but it was a failed attack. they failed in may when they attacked. they failed in june when they tried to attack one of the bases and they failed yesterday as they went to salarno. >> are you troubled they are sophisticated enough to know if they get their hands on surplus or use u.s. military uniforms maybe they get that extra step closer. >> it was also on the may attack i believe also in june attack.
1:36 am
they are very vigilant they work together. and in this case and all of the cases so far we have been over here they have been able to insure these attac -- adapt tiv enemy they face. they have no qualms about killing innocent women and children. they want to make their mark with a sensationalistic attack. >> you have 31 killed in this operation. 31 enemy killed and you have had successful operations time and time again. >> on this side of the big pond we hear doom and gloom and moral is low and there's bitterness and bickering and do we have a clearer picture of the successes the 101st and the other units under your command and the
1:37 am
international forces are obtaining over there? >> it has been tough days. it has been a tough summer. we have lost many soldiers. every day we are making progress. we are having successful attacks against insurgeninsurgents. i don't think you get that back there. you talk about civilian casualties 90 percent of the civilian casualties are caused by the insurgents. it is absolutely false. in the last several months 90 percent by the insurgents we are not getting that message across. we have no problem hanging small children from tr -- they have nm hanging small children from trees. >> i would trust you with my children. one of the best generals we have ever fielded. do you feel there is a victory obtainable in afghanistan, general? >> victory is measured in different ways.
1:38 am
victory is measured they can live their lives free and they can have jobs they know where their next meal is coming from. they have jobs. progress every single day is looking that way. >> your feelings last week the last stryker brigade pulled out of iraq. your feelings that are combat fighting forces have withdrawn. >> it makes us feel good geraldo when you spent a lot of time there as well. i would love to go back and walk the streets of baghdad to see the people years ago to see how it changed. you can see the difference between the time of 2006, 2008 early 2008 how it changed the last several months. i would love to go back and see many of the folks i worked with and i am appreciate tifr call the efforts of iraq. every single day the coalition forces bring hope to the afghan
1:39 am
people. before we go i would like to reemphasize again, the soldiers and families how much they sacrifice a tough week here in the 101st. it remind me of the sacrifices at that we have gone through. i would never forget the sacrifices of the soldiers especially the families back there in the united states. their selfless sacrifice do we want to bring a better life to the afghan people here. the people in the stat states c never forget the sacrifice. i thank you for your support and their families as well. >> bless you all. thanks again. stay safe. >> you have to really remind yourself about that about the sacrifice these families are making every day with their loved ones. >> to bring hope and jobs and
1:40 am
safety and a way of life that we enjoy here and sometimes take for granted to bring it over to them in afghanistan. >> whatever you point of view about the mosque downtown shifting gears here. maybe there are critics about a wave i don't know if it's a wave but certainly several incidents ranging from attacks on mosques one guy urinated on a prayer rug here. you had the crazy kid the council of american islamic relations let me jump to jonathan vice president of the research at the foundation for defense of democracies former member of the jewish policy member. is there a wave not a wave? >> there's an up tick right now. i think it's deplorable. >> why is it happening?
1:41 am
>> i think there's been a lot of confusion. i think quite frankly it stems from a debate that didn't happen after 9-11 that needs to happen. radical islam as opposed to moderate islam. they made it clear what the differences are. there are others that made big problems. >> why don't you say you condemn radical islam? >> we absolutely -- >> let me hear it now. >> a now in the next segment. >> all forms of terrorism. >> specifically? >> every form of extremism no matter what religion it comes from. >> including? >> including islam. basically if they are extremists causing civilians harm it doesn't matter what religion they are from whether they are
1:42 am
timothy mcveighs or goldsteins or whoever at t we consider terrorists we are causing terrorists. >> it is wonderful to say that. they condemn hamas and sees it as a terror organization. >> not right now but we will get back to you. stand by. we [ male announcer ] introducing a new bathroom cleaner that works overtime. day and night. new scrubbing bubbles extend-a-clean, a continuous sprayer that lets the bubbles do the cleaning. with broad coverage, you just spray and wipe. then let the water-activated formula take care of your bathroom. let's go! [ male announcer ] for up to four days. whoo-hoo! whoo-hoo! [ male announcer ] new scrubbing bubbles extend-a-clean. we work overtime so you don't have to. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company.
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>> now some people are upset by this suggestion that islam is not a religion. by doing so ramsey has locked up the tennessee hindu vote. they just got bumped from world's third largest religion to world's second. he has the tennessee buddhist once he called induism just an elaborate aerobics class. clearly he's a strong candidate.
1:47 am
>> ramsey lost the primary continuing. ramadan jonathan shanzer and cracked team on whether a wave of muslim hate crimes are upon us. >> especially in new york city it brings it all back. it brings it back september 11th. i tell you after it happened i had friends who lost friends. we stopped them from doing stupid things. major campbell, general campbell he's the guy who put our lives in our hands. i don't think it's a wave. i think wave is a little tough. that jerk in new york who attacked that hard-working cabbie i am a criminal defense attorney i am usually not the guy saying let's thr throw the at people. he will have a little bit of an
1:48 am
example. >> the guy said i am muslim and starts blasting them. >> he was in afghanistan filming a documentary. >> all of the negative hype against afghanistan with the lunatics poisoning people's minds have people doing silly things whether it's pipe bombing a mosque somewhere in the south to the gainesville koran. >> jonathan what do you think? >> she is been on the show. >> ultimately what the problem here is that we don't see nelson mandela, martin luther king coming out of islam right now. there are people who speak in islam loudest voices are radicals. this is what americans are hearing. most of the american people are hungry right now for an explanation as too why is it the voices are the loudest and if we don't see them out there. >> i think that's a good point.
1:49 am
where is the great men, boy? >> everybody else who says it but no one wants to listen because right now here's what's happening. in america's mind it is branded that islam attacked our city. islam did not. it was terrorists and there are psychotic villains. terrorists in the name of islam. >> no. they don't represent me or my religion. you want them do because you have an agenda. >> what did goldstein say when he shot 29 people in the back. >> that was in the west bank. i remember that well. >> what about timothy mcveigh when he blew up the building in oklahoma. >> somebody could see the mosque opportunity and say let's let cooler heads prevail. if it will help heal some people let's mover the mosque a couple blocks away. >> it's collective guilt. if you move it a little bit you are saying i don't want my 15-year-old son --
1:50 am
>> we have several new documentaries allege after hurricane katrina were here from haley barber [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more.
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>> i want to give you a chance to talk about the hurricane and other media accounts saying that you as a republican governor in mississippi and other states and properties along the gulf because there was a problem with bush >> i remember when louisiana a few weeks after the storm their senators asked for congress to give louisiana $250 billion. that was a point they were
1:54 am
looking for feds rale assistance. that was so excessive. we went to congress we had a plan. we let them know what to do with the money. they realized it was reasonable. when all was said and done the people in louisiana told congress they are going to do with the money. >> noel and julianne you first mississippi was treated pretty well. why? >> let's think about it. haley barber who was the rnc chairman. there is nothing wrong with going in a time of need to someone that you know to make sure that you can get as much funding as you can. your state was in trouble. i don't see the problem in that at all. >> isn't that a part san rather than objective reaction? >> yeah, i mean after particularly after hurricane katrina there were specific guidelines about what kind of eligibility all of the gulf states needed to get federal
1:55 am
funds. the idea that politics would enter into that particularly when republicans and tea party years about government pork and set asides and all of these kinds of things. the fact is republicans seem to be saying this is business as usual. seems to be -- >> quick response. >> he is a good novrn another and ethical governor and he did what he needed to do to protect the people of his state and get funding for his faith. >> i think that is calld putting lipstick on pork. >> it's public service to the other guy it's pork. >> you can justify pork every day of the week like that. why do they expands for principal. >> you too talk amonk yourself. >> except with when it benefits the elected official. >> take a look at their brand new documentary.
1:56 am
it is called a bridge life finding our way home and chronicles the efforts of one man our guest to provide victims with a safe haven during their time of greatest need. >> can you take t >> it is my goal of 10 needed to get out. >> okay, great. >> i turn to my husband i say baby let's pack our bags we are going to give it a try. come on i mean we have to step out on faith and step out intr. >> i don't trust them. why somebody just wants to help me all of a sudden. >> they took 6 people that's josh gross burg on your left and dan she haver on your right. they helped several displaced families move to florida from new orleans ironically and i am so out of time but it's a great documentary. one of the guys turned out to be a murderer. he murdered a guy who created
1:57 am
curious george one of my kid's favorite cartoons. the irony of that and so much more and the splendor of the more and the splendor of the rescue of the other families
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